Changing our model of education involves shifting our focus from a teaching pedagogy to learning pedagogy. In a teaching pedagogy, one asks oneself, “What should I teach?” compared to in a learning pedagogy where one asks, “What should my students be able to do with what they learn?” Both are important to the educational process and can be explained from the vantage point of the Golden Circle. Within this construct, teaching is the “How”(the process or delivery mechanism) and the “What” (the content delivered or knowledge imparted). Motivation becomes a key factor in learning, as this the “Why” of the educational process.

The question is: How something works. For example, the hairs of a hedgehog when it adheres to the skin is not easy. This is interesting to know. But if we look at it with a microscope, we see it contains a line. His design is made special by his prey.