No Fear!
The most important thing you can do is jump in begin using the activities in this paper. Activities and examples are paired with resources and Try it! challenges to deepen teacher understanding of the concepts explored in each section.
Teachers can use the information in this book to:
– Model risk taking,
– Calculate risks
– Use Bee-Bots to practice letters and numbers.
– Use,
– Use to help young coders explore cardinal directions (up, down, right, left).
– Use Scratch to create a video game demonstrating knowledge on electricity.
– Use Scratch to “play” with the concept of estimation.
– Use ARIS to create a walking tour of your community.
– Incorporate coding activities into teaching the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
– Use
This paper outlines four tools featured in this platform that you can use to begin your journey into coding.
The website for this paper ( contains worksheed and rubrics for lesson within the paper, as well as links to resources and projects.