New Teaching Strategies


The fields of computer engineering and electrical engineering cover a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects that allow extensive research advances in many fields. As technological tools have become an integral part of daily life, research continues to develop and gain importance in these areas. Undoubtedly, the use of technology is essential in learning and training 21st-century skills. Augmented reality (RA) and (RV) virtual reality, where, like many other technologies imposed, it provides new and diverse ways of generating, discovering, analyzing, building, and processing different types of information. RA has grown substantially in almost all areas of knowledge, it has been recognized in common, in practice, as in productive areas: services and trade essentially. RV is similarly authentic.

Creating learning environments based on augmented reality and virtual reality helps the process of transforming information into information. Until recently, augmented reality usage levels were relatively low. However, due to the accelerated technological advances and equipment portability, processing capacities can already be achieved for some of the population, especially in hardware. In short, there is portable and powerful equipment that can handle applications with this type of technology.

In this context, there are interesting applications, for example; It is an example to develop augmented reality-based learning environments by suggesting new ways for students to master a foreign language. Contributing to this field, researchers not only develop solutions in traditional learning environments but also appeal to the education of education for people with different abilities. In this context, applications addressing the teaching-learning scenarios of students with disabilities are being developed.

Multiple scenarios offered by RA and RV are extremely sufficient. They can also be adopted in various fields of knowledge. There are also applications targeting the mass market for advertising, entertainment, and educational purposes. So there are not many works that try to motivate both teachers and students through new learning environments run through RA and RV. As a result, the simulation is different from anything that could exist in the training market of simülasyon, RV, RA.

STEMXR, a technology company that aims to enter the market rapidly, aims to make a difference in education with its products.

Of course, teachers will be most interested in STEMXR products because they will have innovative and innovative materials for their classrooms. So, with Simulation RA and RV, professors can achieve more innovative study dynamics, and of course new technologies will be a catalyst feature, so students learn more emotionally and develop more skills and complex skills with it. However, STEMXR products are not limited to being a didactic material or supportive material for teaching activities. This material is also aimed at students in the field with or without special knowledge about Simulation, RA and RV, so they are motivated to develop new applications, processes or software that help and empower knowledge transfer in a classroom. This situation transcends the walls of a class.