Jazz and Innovation


Jazz musicians exhibit innovative behavior. Usually they use the improvisation method. This is because they know the importance of learning by doing. They find new motifs in stage performances. In this way, they check whether their style meets the standards. They consciously create space for luck. It allows beautiful and unexpected discoveries. Because when people talk to each other and ask questions, great ideas emerge. However, jazz musicians are good followers. They know the importance of accompanying. This means that leaders must allow others to think aloud and support their best performances. So they keep themselves away from the trap of competence.
Businesses cannot be executed with the automation system. Businesses have an organic structure. Businesses are not mechanical. These businesses are adopting continuing education. They focus on activities that require skills. They use improvisation. Such businesses do their best in activities that require skills. So how can the organization be made to ensure that people reach this perfection? Articles on this platform encourage us to answer this question.