Here is where coding becomes so important. Coding provides a vehicle for students to create content, rather than just consume it. For example, if a student has a passion for electricity and comes into your electricity until with prior knowledge that is well beyond her peers, coding becomes a great avenue to allow the student to create with the content, rather than sit through lessons and consume content she already understanding.

With the demand on teacher time to differentiate instruction for all learners, coding is a 21st century skill that naturally differentiates for its users. For exaple, there are at least five different ways to make a character move using coding. While none of these ways are wrong, of these ways are wrong, students will naturally find ways that are more efficient the more they code.

you can try each way. Some ways are short but may be inefficient. Some roads are long but unusable. In reality, it is usually found by trying which way works for us.