Everybody’s got a plan until a boxer punches him in the mouth.
Mayk Tyson
Heavy Boxing Champion

This paper discusses the functionality of detailed plans to solve the complex problems of the Earth. Partial science and mathematics perform this function. One of the two things robots can’t do in the technology world. Building estimate.

In his inspirational essay, Karl Weick tried to analyze the building block of corporate analysis as improvised. The dynamics of jazz are helping us. This is a good example of how to transfer your connection skills. Organizations such as jazz musicians need expert teams linked to creativity and innovation in interpreting incomplete and inaccurate information that can make turbulent, rapid and irreversible decisions. That’s what jazz musicians do. They learn by experiencing the necessary flexibility without being bound to a particular mold.
When developing their skills, they produce and implement the appropriate solution without guaranteeing what will happen beforehand and independently. Because if Future emerges, they will discover it. This is a way to discover their potential. Rather than relying on past failures, they take carefully calculated risks and hope they can get the best and constantly question the process.
In this article I make an open invitation to organizations. Life is complex and this complexity can be reduced by collaborative work. Accepting common jobs is a way of simplifying complexity.